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Records from St. Francis

We are more than happy to relay record information to you.  Please Call the Parish Office at (313) 894-5409, to expedite the process. Requests via email are not currently being accepted.  The parish office hours are: Monday through Friday from 9:00AM to 3:00PM.   Sacramental records from 1944 and earlier are available for public viewing, via Microfilm at the Detroit Public Library-Burton Historical Collection, see the Article below.


Your Ancestors at Ellis Island

A great resource for family research, and one that has helped many people with discovering their ancestors.  On this website you can search the records of more than 22 million immigrants who  entered through the Port of New York and Ellis Island between 1892-1924. The information from these valuable documents will cover information including: Immigrant's given name, Immigrant's surname, Ethnicity, Last residence (town & country), Date of Arrival, Age at Arrival, Gender, Marital Status, Ship of Travel, Port of Departure, and Line number on manifest.  
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Sacramental Microfilm

Sacramental Microfilm for the following is available for viewing at the Burton Historical Collection of the Detroit Public Library.  Sacramental Microfilm permission forms must be filled out each time you come to the library and use these films.  The following will help anyone researching their family history in the church. Other Microfilm is available.

St. Francis d'Assisi Roman Catholic Church 
4500 Wesson 
Detroit, Michigan 48210 
BHC Microfilm no.1042 

Reel 1 
Baptismal Register,vol.1-6 (April,1891-June,1911) 
Reel 2
Baptismal Register,vol.7-11 (June,1910-March,1918) 
Reel 3 
Baptismal Register,vol.12-14 (March,1918-February,1931) 
Marriage Register,vol.2 (January,1916-October,1938) Death Register,vol.1-2 (January,1920-May,1950) 
Reel 4 
Marriage Register,vol.1,loose certificates,(May,1891-1916)

St.Casimir Roman Catholic Church-- closed 1989 
3381 23rd Street 
Detroit, Michigan 48208 
BHC microfilm no.1041

Reel 1
Baptismal Register,vol.1-2 (November,1882-July,1919) 
Reel 2 
Baptismal Register,vol.3-4 (May,1918-November,1935) Marriage Register,vol.1-4 (November,1882-February,1934) 
Death Register,vol.2 (May,1918-March,1935)

St. Hedwig Roman Catholic Church 
3245 Junction Street
Detroit, Michigan 48210
BHC Microfilm no.1043

Reel 1 
Baptismal Register,vol.1-2 (August,1903-January,1925 (Index,1903-1944) 
Reel 2 
Baptismal Register,vol.3-5 (July,1912-June,1919) 
Reel 3 
Baptismal Register,vol.5-6 (June,1919-October,1944) 
Reel 4 
Marriage Register,vol.1-3 (August,1904-January,1959) 
Reel 5 
Death Register,vol.1-5 (August,1903-December,1941)


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